Tent Rentals

Whether you’re hosting an intimate “backyard” wedding or an outdoor festival for hundreds, we can help. Everything we do is absolutely tailored to your event so please contact us directly for quotes and pricing on all of our services.

We supply and set up the following tent styles:

  • Goliath structure tent 

    • Available in 30, 40, 50, 60+ wide ​

    • as long as you need

    • Best for Long term, Large events, or commercial use 

  • Windermere- Clearspan

    • Available in 20' and 30'

    • Up to 60' long

    • Best suited for Events uneven terrain 

  •  Bigwin- Pole tent

    • Available in widths of 30', 40' - up to

    • 120ft long

    • Suitable for weddings and Large Events

  • Minett 10 x 10

    • Perfect for accessory tents (ie Bar, registration​)

    • The sturdiest tents for your festival booth

Tents range in grade from  A+ to F we supply A+ down to B grade only. 

Meaning our tents are clean, new, pristine white and ready to rent at all times.  Having a near flawless tent is a must for all Weddings and corporate events. Where ever you order your tent be sure to ask what grade the tent you are getting is! 

Why Rent a Tent?

The tent comes to you, in the location you want.  You have much more privacy, convenience, and decor choice than at a public location. Tents can cost a bit more to rent than using an existing facility, but tents have options that other venues simply don't. 

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