Working Hours!

Often we get questioned about our hours of operation, Delivery time etc.

To make it very clear, our regular hours of operation are 8AM-6PM Monday to Friday.

Your event takes place on the weekend and we do not wish to be there still installing while you are setting up.

During the busy months, July, August, September we typically will have later deliveries than 6pm, so please don't call over and over, your order has been confirmed and will arrive that day.

Saturday and Sunday work is available in July and AUGUST ONLY. We do not have enough staff once school is back in to work weekends. Weekend rates are an additional charge.

Delivery- we do NOT give times, only which day and where on the list you are scheduled for install/ drop off. We have tried many methods however, there are too many variables. We will give you as much notice as we can to make sure you are aware of the delivery. with our order being numbered for the day you could 6 of 22 of the day or 22 of 22 depending on the route.


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