Wedding Season!

As a soon to be bride, you have gathered with your bridesmaids and family to plan your event!

you have likely never done this before and it can be stressful occurrence if you don't know what you are doing.

So all brides know wedding season in Muskoka is Mid August until mid October. This is when the majority of weddings take place, because of the following factors:

1. Less bugs

2. Typically nice weather

3. Less summer plans

4. Family become more available

5. Fall colours and leaf changes

There are many others but those are the main reasons. With that being said there are challenges that come with those times of year. Such as; staff returning to school, guests kids starting school and fall sports tryouts, unknown weather, high demand for service.

These factors create additional pressure on the wedding as well as the companies setting up.

On top of the fact that there are often over 200 weddings per weekend in that time frame in Muskoka. So booking early is a must.


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