Every year, thousands of people flock to Muskoka to escape life and relax.

Please while you are here, do exactly that relax, the local business' are not on the same level as a Toronto or NY based business, we run on 5 months of business, half the staff, and slower access to resources.

Please make sure you treat all working class people with respect, to often people feel the need to take out there frustration on a young high school or college worker who has been in the job less then 4 months and will likely never go back to a job if they are being treated poorly by customers.

At Muskoka Event Services we choose our staff over clients, we have a zero tolerance against verbal, physical, and all forms of abuse. IF we are reported to that an unhealthy situation arises on site, the crews will take everything down and leave, with no refund. So please treat our staff and all working staff in Muskoka with respect.


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