Flooring for outdoor events

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

So you booked a tent for your event, and want a floor?

You next need to decide on what budget you have for a floor, as flooring costs more than the tents by the sq ft.

So when you want a fully floored tent, it will cost you double what the tent costed.

the next thing you need to consider is, the ground you are laying the floor on.

Flooring is lay of the land and will not be perfectly flat unless the ground below is perfectly flat.

That being said for additional cost, a fully levelled floor aka a stage can be built which will make the ground perfectly level. This too comes with an additional price.

Custom colours can be arranged for flooring as well.

All our flooring is geared towards the Muskoka area, as a wood topper made out of Baltic Burch plywood, which is used by gymnastics and is extremely durable.

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