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We specialize in Ontario's best tents!! 

From small 10 x 10s to 300+ person tents in the 40 x 120 Series. For all your tenting needs Please call us today

1-833-RENTENT or click on the contact us to send us an email inquiry! 

Our Services
Tent Rentals

Tents for rent in Muskoka our tents are set up to Perfection!

Things you should know

Before you rent!

Check for the following:

overhead power lines

underground lines

rock bed depth

Where is the septic

Do you need a building permit?

Working Hours! 

Our installs are done Thursdays and Fridays. And takedowns Monday and Tuesdays. During our busy season, we start at 6 am and work as late as 830pm.  We give no arrival times or finish times as this is a complex process sometimes. 


If you require weekend installs or takedowns the following apply:

No time guarantees!

Rentals will be marked up an additional 1.5 times regular cost

We must be notified upfront about weekend install or take down at least 2 months in advance to schedule staff.  No Sunday takedowns after labour day weekend. ( all our student staff are gone and our Main staff do require time off to recover just like everyone else)


All tents larger then 20 x 30 or 500sq ft require a permit in MOST townships across Ontario. The customer is required to obtain permits. As well as larger tents require exit signs, and fire extinguishers which must be purchased by the customer.  


Almost every event asks about walls,

Well our sidewalls are cathedral window 8ft vinyl walls. they span 20 or 30ft long and clip to the top of the tent valance. Doors are created or defined as gaps between walls. the walls are wrapped around the pole on either side to create an opening or door. Proper double doors are only on Structure tents!  Sidewall will always allow airflow from under the ground level as the walls are not secured to the ground. The sidewall is rented separately and can be installed by the customer or us this must be pre-negotiated. 

Site Visits!

Yes, we do them! This is a good way to ensure your location is adequate.

Does this cost money- Yes

rates are: Tuesday - Thursday $100

Monday, friday saturday- $150

Sunday: $300 

Please understand we are busy working on Mondays and Fridays with the current week's events. Sundays are extremely challenging, Just like you we all need family time. 

If you are only up on weekends, we suggest marking the spot you want the tent with 4 rocks 1 per corner and spray paint them. This created a simple in and out for our site vistors during the week.

Wedding Season!!!

The time between Mid August until  Mid October is considered Wedding Season in Muskoka. This means We are extremely busy!! calls and emails will take longer to reply to and jobs will not be completed within any set timeline. Weddings are always the most stressful clients, and you need to understand upfront we will not be at your beck and call or take abuse in any form, and you are not the only event that weekend. Abuse towards our staff will result in your rentals being revoked and possible charges laid. 


Our Flooring is LAY OF THE LAND. 

meaning it will not sit completely flat unless the ground is 100% perfectly level.  Flooring is designed to have some flex to it for dancing purposes. ou floor is the same wood that is used by gymnastics floors underlay. the floor is 5x5ft wood stained and clear coated. we do not put a glossy finish on the floor as it is meant to be danced on and takes abuse in the form of many scratches etc.  WE DO NOT CARRY PARQUE FLOORS OR CLICK FLOORING. The reason being they are unsafe, click flooring created in 2x1ft sections created many tripping hazards. parques create even more and ment for indoor use only. Our floor is meant to handle outdoor heavy wear, there will still be the odd low or high point but they are screwed together into a 2x5 beam underneath. this is the safest method of dancefloor on the open market for our norther Ontario terrains. 

             today for more details about the services we offer.

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